In the real world,big problems do not have short answers


Increase Business Knowledge Production

Mykosmos not only manages Processes, but also helps you to organize your Company, step by step. Please follow our thoughts.

We want to have a company that operates having:

  • Agility, Efficiency, Productivity, Sustainability, Consistency, Measurability, Visibility, Transparency, Controllability, Reliability, Security, Transferability, Repeatability, Compliancy etc.

But all of the above are quality properties of a whisful operating condition. How can we achieve them?

Well, the company has to operate assuring:

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Improved Product Quality at Competitive Prices
  • Employ Satisfaction
  • Reduced Costs

But the above are also whisful operating conditions. We must get to the ground as soon as possible!

Well, the company must operate under conditions where our effort is placed on:

  • Business Knowhow Production under a...
  • Specific Organization Plan using a...
  • Proper Implementation Tool

The three above can lead us to...

  • Use our Employees Effort Optimally.

We offer a solution that contains software and support to follow a certain implementation plan. Some of the features of the offered solution are:

  • Works from the first day
  • Use or Modify a lot of embedded Processes
  • Subprocess over an Activity
  • Customize everything by your Developer
  • Script Processes as evolve in Business reality
  • Design your Forms
  • Design your Reports
  • Script or Design your Processes
  • Script your Agents
  • Get/send Mails by Enterprise e-Mail Management
  • Start Processes over an incoming mail
  • Attaches any correspondence to Contacts and Businesses
  • Metrics and Targets
  • Balanced Scorecards (BSC)
  • Script Processes respecting business reality
  • Developers can add or modify Processes
  • Contains a standard but expandable database
  • Start processes when some criteria are met.
  • Set alarming activities.
  • Document Management
  • Attach files to Mykosmos forms
  • All Mail and attached files become documents
  • Import from data sheets all basic business data
  • Incorporates Activity Based Costing (ABC)
  • Changes in Processes workflows can be flowless
  • Schedule assigned Activities on Calendar
  • Implement the CPO role in the company
  • Create Automaticaly Company's Operations Manual
  • Design and support your Organizational Chart
  • Monitor every Entity against Processes
  • Project Management
  • Production Optimization and Scheduling
  • Production Monitoring (Execution)
  • Implement Data Collectors
  • Assign Activities to your Contacts and Supervise them
  • Let your Business Partners input data on your system
  • Build classic simlpe applications
  • Asterisk PBX telephony is embedded
  • Topology Management
  • Support by Training and Help
  • Training and Help for simple User by embedded Wizards
  • Training and Help for Administrator by embedded Wizards
  • Training and Help for Developer by embedded Wizards
  • Create Automaticaly Developer's Documentation
  • Create Automaticaly Company's Operations Manual

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